Woman finds intruder on bed, clicks selfie


Dubai: The selfie mania has gripped the world, and the selfie addicts are setting new highs. A Tunisian woman, after discovering a drunk man asleep in her bed, clicked a selfie and posted it on a social networking site before alerting police in the UAE, a media report said on Wednesday.

Soon after she opened the door in Bur Dubai flat after returning from work, she found the intruder asleep in her bed. She was shocked, but not shocked enough to prevent her from taking a selfie with the intruder in bed, Khaleej Times reported.

She called the police and posted the photograph on her social media accounts with a quirky caption, “I got home and found a drunk intruder asleep in my bed. He tried to steal, but he failed”. The selfie went viral.

Assistant Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police for Criminal Investigation, Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, said the intruder was not a thief as the woman suggested, but a drunk.

“Investigations revealed that the man was visiting the watchman of the building, who is his friend. He consumed alcohol and felt sleepy. He sneaked into the woman’s room and slept in her bed,” Director of Bur Dubai police station Colonel Abdullah Khadem said.

The intruder was arrested and charged with trespassing.