Woman Dies After Husband Removes Embryo From Her Womb


Alipurduar: A woman lost her life after tolerating brutak torture from her husband.

Reportedly, the accused husband has allegedly removed the embryo out of the pregnant wife’s womb. After this shocking incident the victim Tapasi Das was kept at home without any treatment. The woman died due to heavy bleeding. The incident took place in Pukuragram Baruapara of Kumargram Police Station in Alipurduar.The twenty four years old victim belongs to the same place.The young woman died there on Tuesday night.But the family of the deceased woman claims on 20th April they had earlier lodged an complaint at Kumaragram police station regarding this issue.But the police didn’t take any action to rescue Tapasi.If police had rescued her earlier she might have survived.

Although police said the investigation has already started. Meanwhile, they have arrested victim’s accused husband Ranjit Das and father-in-law Khincha Das.However, the district’s SP Avaru Rabindranath couldn’t directly deny the allegations of negligence from their end.He said “It’s a hateful incident.”After family of the deceased reproached the police the body of the girl was recovered and taken for autopsy.

গর্ভের ভ্রূণ টেনে বের করল স্বামী, মৃত্যু স্ত্রীর

As per Tapasi’s family the source of this “hatred incident”started ten years ago when Tapasi was fourteen years old.It is said that Tapasi was first appointed as a maid at Ranjit Das’s house by Kincha Das.At that time, Tapasi became the victim of Ranjit’s lust. And it continued, the young woman once conceived.After the incident came into light the village a panchayat meeting took place.Ranjit’s family tried to suppress the case by offering huge money but all was in vain.Ranjit was forced to marry Tapasi after the village gaurdian’s verdict. After the marriage problems increased for Tapasi, say her family.Meanwhile,they had a son whose age is six years now. Tapasi’s father Dhanesh claims that his daughter has became pregnant for six more times in this ten years. But six times she was unsafely aborted by the help of quack or midwife. This time also she was forced for abortion but as she denied her husband Rajit pulled out the embryo from her womb and left her bleeding. Due to her excess bleeding she lost her life.

This incident has raised a storm across Alipurduar. Several human rights organisations have submitted the matter in a written form to the Central and State women commission. District Trinamool Congress President Mohan Sharma has reacted strictly on this matter.He said” It is heinous crime,no words to condemn. I don’t understand who is in party and who’s not, Why did the police made such a negligence.The cause of such a negligence has to come out. I can say that we will try our best to bring justice for the victim. We are always beside the bereaved family of the deceased.