Woman Died Of Electrocuted In Liluah


Howrah: A woman named Mita Chatterjee died by electrocuted in Kumropara of Liluah on Thursday. The local people staged protest as delay happened in rescuing the body.

Reportedly, she has been electrocuted in front her house. According to the locals, she was walking on a waterlogged road and suddenly touched an factory gate made with iron. Due to electrical conductivity she died. She spot has been spot dead.

Local people alleged that police did not reach on time. Police and CESC people reached the place late so they showed agitation by holding the dead body. She was on the way to her relative house. As the road was waterlogged so she took support of the wall.

The Continuous rainfall has made the electric system vulnerable equally the wire system of the house. Sometime it is difficult to decide position when its watery. In monsoon extra precaution should be taken with using presence of mind to avoid such unexpected situation.