Wockhardt Foundation Launches ‘Organ Daan’ Initiative


Mumbai: Wockhardt Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation on Saturday launched its new initiative ‘Organ Daan’ with a mission to educate and sensitise public about organ donation.

Organ Donation Day 2016 is being celebrated across the country today. “Every year in India, five lakh people die waiting for organs to be transplanted. Though 2 lakh people need a kidney every year, only 3 per cent get it. Organ donation rate in India is 0.34 per million and is among the lowest in the world standing at 0.08 per cent as organ donors per million (PMP),” the foundation said in a statement.

“Organ Daan is a programme aimed at spreading public awareness about importance of donating organs and encouraging pledging of organs for transplantation to save lives. The programme would focus on educating the public by breaking the barriers, myths and misconceptions surrounding organ donation and thereby encouraging volunteered organ donation,” it said.

CEO and Trustee of Wockhardt Foundation Huzaifa Khorakiwala said, “We Indians always preserve good stuff, we avoid wastage, I think same should be applied to our valuable organs. Organs are precious. Organ donation is a good way to help a needy live good life even after our demise.”  He said the programme will promote organ donation through hospitals, campaigns and numerous volunteers across cities.