Witness Longest Lunar Eclipse Of The Decade Keeping Superstitions At Bay


Kolkata: The time has come when the world will witness longest lunar eclipse of the decade. The eclipse will continue till four hours where ‘Red Full Moon’ will be visible.The eclipse will begin at 10:53pm but it will be visible in naked eyes at 11:54pm onward.This starts when the outer (and lighter) part of the Earth’s shadow begins moving across the Moon.

From the 2:43am onward the impact of the lunar eclipse will begin to slow down gradually.This period of complete lunar eclipse known as “totality”, it is the time when the moon appears darkest or reddish in colour. By 5:00am on Saturday the eclipse will completely end,this is the time when Earth’s umbra will completely leaves the surface of the Moon,and the outer part of the Earth’s shadow (penumbra) will completely moves away from the Moon.

Debiprasad Duari,the director of the M.P. Birla Planetarium Kolkata and the famous astrologer said, “People should witness the rare celestial phenomenon with naked eyes keeping the superstition away from their minds.The Lunar eclipse will not put any impact on mankind, Earth, Climate or any other living beings.It is seen that due to the superstitious mind set people follow particular restrictions, but ultimately these believes have neither put any negative or positive impact in people’s life.Nobody can prove this. Natural events do not affect people differently.Hence,it donot put any effect on Earth separately.Just how see the moon on every full-moon night, see the cosmic phenomenon of the moon today also.”

Earlier, on June 15, 2011, the lunar eclipse that took place lasted for 100 minutes. In 1935 the lunar eclipse lasted for 101 minutes.Breaking all the previous records this time lunar eclipse will last for 1 hour 43 minutes.On this day red planet Mars will pass by Earth at its closest point to us since 2003. On July 31, the Red Planet will be only 35.8 million miles (57.6 million km) away from Earth, making it clearly visible to the naked eye.On this day there is also another cosmic phenomenon, in the south-western corner of the sky, Jupiter will also be seen.

Reported by: Subhas Baidya

Edited By: Mousumi Das