With Cement Injected In Her Face, Transgender Woman Approaches TV Doctors


London: A transgender woman has been aided by TV doctors after having cement and tyre sealant injected into her face.

Desperate Rajee Narinesingh was left with hard lumps and nodules in her ‘rock hard’ face after attending a ‘pumping party’ on the black market in 2005.

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Now 48, she’d been forced to live with the outcome of the procedure – in which she had harmful injections in her cheeks, chin and lips – for more than a decade.

Rajee has spent years appealing to doctors for help, but all have been hesitant to assist because it could be potentially dangerous to operate.

Two surgeons have now successfully treated Rajee during an episode of Botched on E!.

Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif agreed to work on Rajee – just one year after they previously determined it wouldn’t be safe to do so.

“Rajee has never been offered a surgical solution because the risks outweigh the potential benefits,” Dr. Dubrow said during the show.

“I have to make sure my plan is a conservative one, it’s a smart one and it doesn’t take any undo careless risks with Rajee’s face.”

The two doctors explained their biggest concern was how operating could activate the inflammatory process and turn Rajee’s face into an ‘inflammatory mess’.

However they both agreed that steroid injections used to treat Rajee a few years earlier had softened her face and made the procedure much safer.

One of the most heart-warming moments of the show featured brave Rajee proving she’s managed to keep her sense of humour.

The Florida native had no trouble cracking a joke when the surgeons said they wanted to inspect both sides of her face.

She quipped: “I’m going to be double teamed… by doctors at that! I’ve come a long way baby.”

Rajee had every right to be positive though as the surgery was a success.

She’s since found a new lease of life, with pictures showing her smiling from ear-to-ear on a beach.

In 2005, Rajee was preyed on by Oneal Ron Morris, a fellow trans woman who was dishing out illegal plastic surgery.

Rajee was tempted into having the procedure because of her desire to become a ‘beautiful woman’.

Morris – known as the ‘Tush Doctor’ – has since been jailed for practising medicine without a licence.

She’s also facing a manslaughter charge after one ‘patient’ died following surgery.