Wipro to provide Delhi with ambulance


New Delhi: The Delhi Government led by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is buying 110 new ambulances with the help of Wipro. On Friday a MoU was signed in this regard between the IT giant and the Delhi Government. The Delhi Government has undertaken the ‘Home to Hospital’ project recently. It buying of the ambulances will be coming under this project.

Among the 110 ambulances, 100 will have the basic life support system while the rest 10 ambulances will have advanced life support system. According to an official of the Wipro, the organization will be spending 13.90 cr rupees in the project and will be responsible for the maintenance of the ambulances for six years.

A control room will be opened at the Laxmi Nagar area where people will be able to know about the availability of the ambulances. Also ambulance can be booked via smart phone app. Not only that, the relatives of the patient will be able to know about the availability of the hospital beds through the app. Presently agreement has been signed between 60 Government and private hospitals. The services will be enhanced in the coming days.