Will Stand By Pak: Rajnath


Jaipur: Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday asserted that the nation would stand by Pakistan if the latter is committed to take action against terrorists.

“Our government of India will stand by Pakistan if it takes decisive action against terrorists and their organisations. For India, Mumbai and Pathankot terror attacks have signified a tectonic shift,” Home Minister Rajnath Singh said while addressing the valedictory session of Counter Terrorism Conference 2016 here. “Most of the terror attacks emanate from Pakistan. Pakistan has to show some sincerity and take action against terrorists operating from its soil,” he added.

The Home Minister also asserted that the advance intelligence input on Pathankot helped the security agencies in neutralising the possible impact of the terror attack. “We are working on a National Security Strategy aiming to achieve seamless coordination between all the agencies,” he added.

Home Minister Singh also pointed out that after the Pathankot terror attack the government is reviewing its Counter Terror strategy, adding that the government is fully equipped and prepared to deal with Cross border terrorism. “We are now formulating an effective strategy which would help in preventing our country from such terror attacks in future. We are fully equipped and prepared to deal with Cross border terrorism or any kind of terrorism,” he added.

Asserting that the terrorism is a ‘byproduct of a perverse mind’, Home Minister Singh, said: “Today much of the world is grappling with the scourge of terrorism and its dangerous consequences.” “The challenge of terrorism gets compounded when certain states use it as an instrument of their foreign policy. Terrorism is a hydra-headed monster fed by massive supply of funds through different routes. It is a big challenge to cut these supply lines,” he added.

The Home Minister further said that the world must accept the reality without any loss of time that there is no ‘good’ terrorist. “From traditional forms of terrorism, we are now witnessing cyber terrorism, narco – terrorism and bio terrorism,” he added.

Home Minister Singh also pointed out that India is full of diversity with multi lingual, multi religious and multi ethnic society. “These conditions are actively utilised by anti-national elements and other enemies to foment trouble in our country,” he said. “To counter such threats we need to undertake sound preventive and responsive security measures,” he added.