Will India Respond to Pak Provocation Now?

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New Delhi: Pakistan while harping the peace tune has continued fanning terrorism in India exposing its double standard has relied on the soft stance of India and taken our peace initiative as cowardice. Perhaps it is time to respond.

As seven soldiers lost their lives in the dastardly Pathankot attack mounted by Pakistani terrorists and is still raging, a closed door meeting between the PM, service chiefs and Defense Minister is expected to bear fruit this time.

While many in the security circle have dubbed the meet as an indication of India preparing itself for a retaliatory attack on terrorist camp in PoK, others said that the country will stick to its ‘wait and watch’ policy.

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Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday reacted strongly to the attack and said, “We want peace but any attack on us will be dealt with firm hands.”

However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has condemned the attack but refrained from making any remarks so far. The PM’s silence and secret meetings have sparked speculations that India is going to retaliate this time.

India and Pakistan had come face to face in 2001 after India launched] Operation Parakram’ and mobilized troops following an attack on Jammu and Kashmir Parliament.

However, India refrained from launching a war after international pressure mounted and the mobilization took too long giving Pakistan ample opportunity to prepare defense.

The earlier UPA regime in India has been dubbed as weak and incompetent by many and the notion is bolstered following India’s timid response to the 2008 Mumbai attack.

The Narendra Modi led NDA regime now enjoys a huge public mandate and PM Modi has acted swiftly so far in the international arena.

The Indian army too is well prepared now and a msssive modernization bid bu the current government has boosted the war making power of the armed forces. The army has also adopted ‘Cold Start’ doctrine to wage war on Pakistan.

This time hope is high that India will shed its saintly posture and will retaliate massively to the terror attacks.