Wife Attempts To Murder Husband As Interrupted In Illicit Affair


Malda: Wife’s illicit affair has turned the situation volatile as her husband came with a protest after he came to know the incident. Reportedly, Simpa Bibi got married with Rintu Sheikh ten years ago. Rintu came in touch with the fact of extra marital affair of his wife at around seven months before.

He suggested to get out of the affair. Rintu Sheikh by profession used stay out of state most of the time. Last time, after returning from his work things are running as usual so he expressed agitation. So suddenly Simpa Bibi attempted to murder her husband.

The neighbours came to see them yelling badly. Locals took Rintu to hospital. He has been shifted to Malda Medical College as he got critically injured. The villagers hander Simpa Bibi to the police. Manickchak police has issued an investigation after the incident.