Why Yogi’s Chopper Landing Permission Denied Despite Having Airport: Mukul


Kolkata: BJP is being hindered in Bengal to hold any party programme and its hitting the ground of chopper landing. West Bengal BJP leaderships have expressed anger over such administrative encumbering which halted and postponed many party programme.

Facing so many obstacles and uncertainty over Yogi Adityanath meet at Balurghat, State BJP leader Mukul Roy has expressed dissatisfaction and anger on such situation.

Talking to the media, he said that, “There is a airport in Balurghat. What’s wrong in landing the chopper over there ?” Roy has termed that it is a completely undemocratic act of West Bengal government.

Few days ago Amit Shah’s chopper was blocked to land in Malda where Mamata government stated a under construction project was going over there. Criticizing the incident, BJP leader Kailash Vijaybargaiya said that, “It’s not right to stop anybody in a democratic system.” Putting the blame on State govt, he said that, it has been saying of confirming the place. Then the government on Sunday denied the permission of landing chopper of Yogi Adityanath at Balurghat.

State BJP has seeked for the permission to TMC govt asking to use the helipad of Balurghat Airport. That also got denied by the administration. As a substitute of that, BJP has built a helipad at the Balurghat Railway Ground.

As the administration has denied permission, district BJP people and supporters have staged protest on Sunday in front of District Magistrate Bunglow.