Why No Questions On Benaras-Maha Bridge Collapse, Asks Angry Mamata


Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee interacted with the media after the meeting at Nabanna on Thursday said, few media are intentionally avoided the bridge collapse took place in Benaras and Maharashtra in last few months.

The work gets delayed as many papers could not get traced. Talking on Majerhat bridge collapse she said that, the scrutinisation charge has been given to Kharagpur IIT which tentitively come after seven days. Further work will start after the report. If necessary, people can call for outside help. If the report comes with a plotted background, nobody will be spared.

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She highlighted that to some extent the ongoing metro work responsible for the bridge collapse. So the metro work will be halted till the report arrive and expert gives their opinion.

She also instructed prohibition of 20 wheelers which slowly wasting the roads so the movement will be stopped and restricted. On the other hand the overloades goods vehicle will be under strict vigil of the administration.

She also suggested that, a narrow lane under the Majerhat bridge owned by Rail must be in use to reduce traffic. But it needs a permission from the authority. Kolkata Port Trust made the bridge and handed to Public Works Department.

But the faulty repairing is also responsible. The double layer of coal tar used for repairing hampers the health of the bridge. Sometine faulty design and structural engineering also a reason which needs to be checked in certain duration.

Thanking media for being punctual that some families are staying under the bridge which also cause slow damage to the bridge. So separate committee for PWD, Port side Bridge and KMDA will come in few days.