Why Fire Incidents At Night? Shocking Details Revealed


Kolkata: Questions arise as to why do fires occur after midnight? Incidents are occurring at night one by one. But why at night, answers former official of fire service.

According to the official, 90% of offices have air conditioning systems and computers. These machines run throughout entire day. Monitoring is done at the day but not at night as no one remains to look after them. If a fire breaks out in the morning then the initiative that is taken to douse it, does not happen if the fire breaks out at night.

According to the official, maximum fires break out due to short circuits. If it is calculated, then it can be seen that in the markets or the offices in high-rise buildings, fire breaks out at midnight. Even if the fire tenders are immediately pressed into service, they face difficulty as the doors or the shutters are shut at night. So they face a huge dilemma in dousing the flames.

The fire service had advised the use of sprinklers to avoid this problem. But what is a sprinkler? According to the official, when the temperature crosses 68 degree farenheit, then the sprinkler will automatically burst on its own. On bursting, water will get sprayed, thereby dousing the fire. It will save lives and will be able to help the people.

But maximum shops or markets do not possess a sprinkler. People are also unaware of its use. The fire service department had said that a sprinkler is the best equipment to tackle fires at home and offices or markets. There are 80% chances to save lives using sprinklers. In a recent research, it was found that a sprinkler can spray 8-24 gallons of water in one minute. This can be successful in stopping a fire in office.

On 22nd April 2003, a fire broke out at Burrabazar’s Satyanarayan Park market at 4:45 am. On 12th January 2008, fire broke out at Nandaram market at 1am. Fire broke out at Hatibagan twice. The first one broke out on 22nd March 2013 at 3:30 am. The second one broke out on 13th August 2015 at Hatibagan market at 10pm. All these raise questions on the safety of the city at night.

Reported By: Subhash Baidya

Edited By: Saheli Dey