Why Drinking Tea Is Good For Health? Read The Article


Now rain knocks at the door. Without tea, it is impossible to feel these charming weather. Yes, no matter what the season, tea can be a tasty beverage since it can be served hot. Many people has misconception about the benefits of tea. They thought that after drinking the tea, their skin might be turned into black. If this would happen, then the skin colour of British could have changed earlier. Is it not?

Our skin color is determined by a pigment called melanin. It is not proved that tea helped to increase the melanin pigment. So, there is no fear of skin colour change due to tea. However, tea played a special role to keep our body healthy.

Many researches proved that near about twenty percent risk of heart attack and thirty five percent risk of stroke reduced by drinking one or two cups of tea. Studies also have shown teas can help protect your teeth and your heart, as well as possibly even helping to stave off cancer.

Tea has Anti-oxidant pigment which helps to reduces the risk of many diseases. Anti-oxidants also helped to increase glamour. Actually, it protects the skin from the pollution.

Studies have shown tea can tune up immune cells so they reach their targets quicker. Herbal tea has been used to keep the immune system strong.

Tea also helped to keep teeth perfect as “Tazgi Ka Dhamaka” brings persons more close. It also reduces the risk of cavity. Tea helps bones to become more strong.