White Tea To Arrive Your Tea-table From Dooars


Alipurduar: A Dooars tea garden, Radharani Tea Estate for the first time has produced white tea. Reportedly, the garden management has decided to convert the estate completely to organic.

The Radharani Tea Estate is situated in the Kalchini Block of Alipurduar and has 300 permanent workers. The garden is spread over 158 hectare.

“We have manufactured little amount of white tea last year which we sold at the Dooars Utsav at Rs. 8,000 per kg. We are the only garden producing white tea,” Jitu Saikia, manager of Radharani Tea Estate, said.

In 2015, a new company took over the charge of the garden and they decided to produce green tea and orthodox tea, as the market price of this kind of tea is much higher than the CTC.

The decision was taken as the management found it difficult to run the garden with 300 workers, as the cost of CTC tea was cheaper.

In the same year, the company applied a license for organic garden. In 2016, the garden produced green tea and it was exported to Colombo. But they could not write organic tea on the packets as they did not had organic licence then.