Whistleblower To Give Scorpene Data To Aus Govt

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New Delhi: The ‘whistleblower’ behind the Scorpene document leak will hand over the disk containing thousands of pages of data detailing the Indian submarine’s stealth and warfare capabilities, to the Australian government on Monday, The Australian newspaper today said.

It said that the identity of the unnamed whistleblower is already known to the Australian authorities.

The weekend edition of the newspaper said that neither France nor India knew about the leak till Monday afternoon when it sought a comment from French firm DCNS.

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The paper said whistleblower wants Australia to know that its future submarine partner, France has already lost control over secret data on India’s new submarines.

His hope is that this will spur the Turnbull government and DCNS to step up security to ensure Australia’s 50 billion dollar submarine project does not suffer the same fate, it said. “He has not broken any law and the authorities know who he is. He plans to surrender the disk to the government on Monday,” the newspaper said.