‘Whirlpool Galaxy’ captured by Astronaut


Washington: Faint plumes extending from the first known spiral galaxy M51a is identifies by William Parsons in 1845 at the Earl of Rosse, also called the “Whirlpool Galaxy” was captured by astronomers, as per known by reports.

The researchers has aimed the telescope at M51a and exposed its from digital camera to the light galaxy at every 20-minute intervals. For a total of 10 hours, light was filtered to reveal younger stars seen from the digital camera. For another 10 hours, light was filtered to reveal older stars also. These 10-hour images were merged to create the 20-hour final image.The group of astronomers from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) have searched deep into the space to discover new features of a galaxy that’s been sketched and photographed for 170 years.

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