When Brinda Karat’s Election Speech Got Horribly Translated

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Thiruvananthapuram:  Months after BJP leader K Surendran became a social media phenomenon overnight for his flawed translation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech in Kerala, we have a new candidate. This time, the victim in place of PM Modi is Brinda Karat, the politburo member of the CPM and a Rajya Sabha MP.

In a video trending on social media platforms, a local CPM leader (who could not be identified) did a horrible translation of Karat’s speech from English. Watching the video may also give one the idea that its possibly easier and better for national-level leaders to learn Malayalam than hire local translators.

It started off when Karat spoke about the horrific rape and murder of the law student in Perumbavoor, condemning the incident. But the translator clearly added his own ‘juice’ to it, saying she not only condemns it, but that it was insulting as well.

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Karat immediately shakes her head, looking at her translator reminding him she never said that.

“Kurachu kurachu Malayalam ariyam (I can understand a little bit of Malayalam),” she tells the audience with a sheepish grin.

But it does not stop there.

“And it is only through these multiple efforts…,” says Karat, and pauses.

And the translator says in Malayalam, “It is only possible through ballot papers.”

How is ‘multiple efforts’ translating into ‘ballot papers’ we will never know.

Wait, it gets better.

“But the shame of it is, my dear friends…,” Karat continues.

And there’s silence. The translator, clearly flummoxed, CANNOT understand a single word.

Laughing and putting her hand on the head, Karat repeats, “The shame…the shame.” Clearly, the translator is ashamed that he’s been made to undergo this ordeal.

After three such instances, Brinda realizes she needs to up her game and starts mixing the tiny bits of Malayalam she knows.

But it clearly does not pay off.

She says ‘divorce’, he hears something else, she says ‘women of Kerala’, he translates it as ‘criminals of Kerala.’

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