WhatsApp Users Can Now Send Any File Format


California: WhatsApp is one of those apps that have an extensive support from developers. Since its inception, the popular messenger has seen a lot of upgrades and additions, voice calling and document sending being some of the major upgrades.

However, the ability to send documents is only limited to .pdf and .doc file formats, which is a major irritant for people counting on their smartphones as a major computing device. Now tough, there is a way around this disability with the SendAnyFile.

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The app is available on Android as of now and will let WhatsApp users choose two methods to send files via WhatsApp. One method is to go to a file manager, and then “Share” your file to the SendAnyFile app. It will process your file and then you can send it via WhatsApp or another messaging app. The other method is to choose ‘SendAnyFile’ from the file chooser window. You choose the file you want to send and it will be listed as a .doc file. You can then send that file via WhatsApp.

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If you receive a file on WhatsApp from someone using the SendAnyFile app, you have the option to set it as your default app for opening .doc files. You open the file with the app and it will be saved in your SD card folder.

The developer claims that users will be able to send all image formats as well .zip, .rar, .avi and much more. The app not only works for WhatsApp but also for Facebook Messenger, Hike and many other chatting apps.

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