WhatsApp Said To Restore Old Status Function As ‘Tagline’


New Delhi: Facing backlash and user anger at the new changes in the app, WhatsApp is reportedly bringing back the old Status feature that allowed users to set up a text message as their status in their users profiles. However, now the feature — once it is back — will be called Tagline.

WhatsApp announced a feature which they added to their mobile application that replaces the old status function. Users were able to take photos and videos and post it like as their status to let people know what you were upto. While most people liked this since it gave real time updates to their contacts, many users on the hand, hated it and wanted the old status function back. Well, it looks like WhatsApp is listening to the users now and it is bringing back the old status function.

According to the new report which we have from our source, the developers will bring back the old status function and will call it as “Tagline”. This won’t be replacing the new status update feature but will be added as a separate “Tagline” option. With that said, let us know what do yo think about this yet another change within the WhatsApp application and be sure to stay tuned for more such info.

The Facebook-owned Instagram had earlier copied the Snapchat Stories to launch its Instagram Stories. Recently, another Facebook-owned app, WhatsApp announced the new  Status which is also copycat of Snapchat Stories. The company made it official via a blog post and two days after the announcement, the feature is now enabled in India. India is the WhatsApp’s biggest market with 160 million monthly active users as of November last year. The numbers might have further increased with the Jio 4G free offer, where we have seen a sudden increase in the data usage along with the mobile internet users.

Follow the below four steps to get the new “WhatsApp Status” feature on your Android smartphone. Before going further, make sure that there is an active internet connection on your device.

1.    Open the ‘Play Store’ app on your smartphone and search Whatsapp by entering in the search bar on the top.
2.    Now open the app listing and tap on ‘update’ button.
3.    Once the app is installed, tap on ‘Open’ and you will see the new Status feature in between the Chats and Calls sections.
4.    If you still can’t find the Status feature, close the app from multitasking menu and reopen WhatsApp.