WhatsApp May Soon Allow Video Calls


New Delhi: WhatsApp is reportedly working to add video calls to the app so that consumers can talk face-to-face using data connection on phones. The feature would bring WhatsApp in competition with apps like Skype and Apple’s Facetime.

‘Video calls’ is just one of the major features that WhatsApp may add to the app. The other features likely in the work include call back, voicemail, and zip file sharing support.

According to a report by Android Police, screenshot from a beta version of WhatsApp shows the video calling feature that the app may add to publicly available versions later.

Rumors of WhatsApp adding video calling feature have been doing rounds since December last year, but speculations recently resurfaced when some users received new strings to translate. The users who help WhatsApp translate into other languages received string like  “Video call,” and “Video calling is unavailable at this time” along with other messages. One of the users shared a screenshot in which he was asked to translate ‘Video Call and Video calling is unavailable at this time’.

Earlier, WhatsApp had added the voice call feature to the app. That feature was initially rolled out through “invitation” system. It is not clear how the video calls feature will be rolled and out and when.

According to Android Police, another interesting feature that WhatsApp plans to add is the option of sending group invites via links and NFC tags. Further, the addition of ‘Voicemail’ will enable users to send recorded messages. It is similar to voice messages but these can be recorded and sent without hanging up the voice call. It is just like leaving a voicemail on a phone call.

Also, the addition of ‘zip and vcf’ sharing would allow users to share compressed files or even share music files. Pdf files, text files, excel documents, and Google Drive docs and spreadsheets can already be shared on Whatsapp.