WhatsApp Co-Founder Wants Everyone To Delete Facebook


San Francisco: WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton on Tuesday insisted his Twitter followers that its time to get rid of Facebook once and for all. The former Yahoo infrastructure engineer Brian Acton, who agreed to sell WhatsApp to Mark Elliot Zuckerberg’s Facebook has made these comments in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

After giving the reigns of his messaging company Whatsapp in 2014 for around $19 billion USD in cash and stock wrote on Twitter that “It is time” to delete Facebook without giving any specific explanation.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook empire is currently suffering after news broke out in the media that the privately held company have acquired private user data of 50 million users on Facebook through series of leaks.

The revelations about the Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal have led to 10% slip in Facebook’s stock, leaving the online social media and social networking service company users agitated about the privacy violation.

After both co-founders made billions by cutting a deal with Zuckerberg’s Facebook in 2014, Acton left the company in September last year while Jan Koum continues to lead the charge. With the Anton then decided to invest $50 million into Signal Foundation, a non-profit organization and direct alternative to WhatsApp.