What’s In Store For The Retailers In Future?


Kolkata: The devastating blaze in Bagri market has not only engulfed the market itself but also other small markets too. The impact of this loss is also seen across the city. The small traders and sellers whose source of income was the Bagri market are also in panic. At this time of adversity some people will take advantages of this incident believes the local traders of Kolkata.

The Bagri market consist of shops like- medicines, cosmetics, various perfumes, jewelry, food items such as biscuits, cakes, dried fruits, or rice, oil, salt, soap, shampoo – all essential items that are required every day to run the family were available here. But now everything is perished in this devastating fire tragedy.

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The businessmen says from where will they get the good now for their business.Because the only largest wholesale market of the city has charred completely into flames. According to a beauty product seller, “This business will no more flourish before the puja. Such loss occur just before the puja.”

In the meantime, businessmen are moving away elsewhere with the goods how much they were able to save. Some traders have also decided to sell the goods even if they get the purchase value or even they loss value.They are trying to prevent from the future loss.

Reported By: Debjani Sarkar

Edited By: Mousumi Das