Whats App Server Crashed, Panic For Youths


Kolkata: Whatsapp services reportedly non-functional at present in many parts of India. Popular messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ is down, with users forced to switch to one of the many other forms of communication still in operation.

The Facebook-owned WhatsApp has, according to website Downdetector, been experiencing outages since about 3:10 EDT. So far, users from a host of countries including Ireland, Russia, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Israel, Spain, Malaysia, Kenya, Turkey, Italy, Egypt and Serbia have reported outages.

The company has not yet commented on the cause of the outage. Predictably, people have taken to Twitter in panic to express their dismay over what will undoubtedly be a temporary outage. WhatsApp’s last major outage occurred in early May, when it took several hours for the company to rectify the problem.

For now, the service’s 1.2 billion users will have to resort to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or good old fashioned text message, to reach their friends and family. Some may even opt for the desperate measure of picking up the phone and making a call.