What Should You Eat After A Rigorous Workout Session? This!

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Here’s why you need to pick your post-workout snacks carefully.

You jog like a maniac or sweat it out in a gym. Then you come home and help yourself to a slice of fruit cake. Here’s a wake-up call: Your choice of post-workout snacks make or break your not the to recover after a moderate to strenuous workout.

The ideal diet should include two-third portion of carbohydrates and one-third portion of protein–this combination results in an instant energy boost apart from countering reduce muscle fatigue and aiding repair.

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Another tip that goes a long way to reverse the wear-and-tear of the body’s cells: Take in plenty of antioxidants–they are known to reduce muscle soreness after a training session.


Here are healthy ideas to tackle post-exercise hunger.

  1. A slice of wholegrain bread with two scrambled egg whites and an apple.
  2. A wholegrain toast with paneer and half a glass of fresh orange juice.
  3. Two pieces of roasted chicken breasts, a bowl of curd and raisins.
  4. Boiled soybean chunks with a platter of sauteed vegetables with onions and garlic.

A small bowl of brown rice with veggies, paneer and nuts. Handful of almonds, seasonal fresh fruit juice and some raw greens. India Today