What Modi Is Doing At Centre, Mamata Doing In State: Surya Kanta


Kolkata: CPM State Secretary Surya Kanta Mishra lashed out both at the state and the central government at Alimuddin soon after Mamata’s mega opposition rally ended.

Surya Kanta said, “Attacks on the opposition and democracy are underway in the entire country. However, this state is also not lagging behind. Whatever is being done at the Centre, the Mama-led government is just doing the same in the state. He also said, “BJP Hatao, Kendra Bachao. Mamata Hatao, Bangla Bachao. The Left has been telling this since last four years. Whatever allegations the CM is bringing against BJP, it is also applicable to her. Attack on opposition and democracy is also underway in the state.”

Surya accused that, “The accusations that Mamata is bringing today, the Left has been speaking about it for several days. It doesn’t sound good on her. Because, the torture that BJP is carrying on, it is underway nationally; Mamata is doing the same thing statewide. People have been arrested for doing rallies during strike. No permission is being given for rally. She is making records over farmer suicides, which never happened in the last 34 years.”