What Is Death? Laugh It Out!


New Delhi: Death is inevitable. But being aware that death is soon approaching you is a gloomy feeling. When everyone chooses to resort to a pensive sulk, some terminally ill patients mustered their courage to mock at death in a comic gig.

They laughed, they took digs, brought real world references into their speeches and were applauded for their comic timings.

A video trended on Twitter showed these ‘brave hearts’ performing stand up comedy for their families and doctors and turning the mournful subject of death into a laugh riot. Shared online by ‘End Of Life Care India’ and aims to “help patients get comfortable with death. Even joke about it.”  This video has been viewed by thousands on YouTube. They were trained by some best comedians in the country.

“Hello! I’m a Sikh. And I’m so Sikh that I was admitted to Guru Nanak Hospital,” says one of the women performing in the video. Another woman rebuked a late comer saying that he might be a first timer in such a show, but it can turn out to be her last time, to which audiences were left teary eyed.

Taking jibes at the selfie culture, one woman said that she wants to perfect the art of selfie to get a proper obituary picture. A man made fun of his kidney transplant and thanked his wife for the same.

Audience were seemingly moved watching this bittersweet show took to Twitter to express their feelings. “Is it OK to #LaughAtDeath? Yes! If anyone in your family is terminally ill, you must! Your family must! And the patient, most definitely MUST!” says one Twitter user. Another says: “A nice watch #LaughAtDeath, heartwarming video. It surely will make you smile.”

Watch their performance here:

People choose to refrain from speaking about death. How a bunch of aged perceive it and walk up to the stage to pour their hearts out is what makes it beautiful.

The patients touched a chord when they inconsequentially communicated to live the moment and takes happiness out of little things in life. Life is not always about far-reaching goals but to seek solace in things around you.