What Happens To Govt Employees If They Stay Absent?


Kolkata: The state government had clearly stated that no government employees will
be able to take a holiday on Monday on the occasion of Bharat Bandh. They will have
to be present or else they will be show caused and a day’s salary will be deducted.
Hence, all government employees are on their way to work on Monday morning.

The state government has made it clear that no government employee could take
holiday on the occasion of Bharat bandh on September 10 that is Monday. It is a
full day for the government employees on Monday.

According to the notice released by the Finance department, those who fails to turn
up to office on Monday will be showcaused. A day’s salary will be deducted if
anyone remains absent on September 10 and will be showcaused in order to know the
reason for remaining absent. They will be asked to answer why he/she failed to be
present on a day which the state government has made its attendance compulsory.

However, if anyone falls sick before September 7 and has been hospitalised, then no
action will be taken against that person if he can show proof. If any relative of
the employee dies, then also the person will not be penalised. In case of maternity
leaves taken before September 7 will also remain outside the purview of this rule.
If anyone gets hospitalised on Monday, then he/she will also get the holiday
without pay cut if proofs can be shown.

Those who tries to prove that he/she could not come to office due to unavailability
of transport, then he/she will not get the holiday. A casual leave cannot be taken
on Monday. One cannot be present in the first half of the day and remain absent in
the second half.

Those who will be showcaused will have to reply within 2 days. If he/she fails to
provide details within 2 days, then the government might take action against
him/her for breaking rules.

Attendence, hence, is compulsory for state government employees on Monday.