What Happened to 180 Pak Troopers Who Landed India !


New Delhi: Despite making robust claims about imaginary victories in the decisive India-Pakistan war of 1965, Pakistan forgot about the 180 of its unfortunate soldiers who were quietly drooped behind Indian lines to destroy Indian Air Force Bases.

Pakistani claims of victory have been rubbished by the fate that befall on the Pak troopers and who were eventually discarded by their own country.

A report published by the BBC claims that on September 6-7, 1965, Pakistan dispatched B-57 bombers and three C130 Hercules transport jets to attack Indian air bases in Punjab.

Interestingly, 180 troopers of Elite Services Group were on board the three Hercules aircraft, which were assigned the task of targeting three Indian Air Force airfields – Halwara, Adampur and Pathankot.

All the three transport planes were flying behind the bombers.

The soldiers were given the task to take over the crucial air bases and destroy the Indian fighter jets.

However, when one of the Hercules transport plane air dropped 60 Pakistani soldiers at 2 am near the Pathankot air base, they had to face immense difficulties.

As the Patahnkot air base was surrounded by waterfalls, canals, muddy agricultural land, the Pakistani troopers couldn’t move as fast as anticipated.

The enemy side couldn’t advance much and, to their dilemma, a villager informed the concerned authorities about them.

The Indian side acted swiftly and many Pakistani commandos, including Major Khalid Bhatt, were held in the next two days. Bhatt was leading the attack.

Even in Haldwara, the Pakistani troops were traced while landing. All the personnel stationed at the air base were given rifles and pistols and ordered to fire at anyone who tries to sneak through the bushes surrounding the base.

The Pakistani soldiers met the same fate in Adampur air base as well. The Indian side got alerted by the dogs, who started barking at the troopers when they landed.

During the sunrise, some of the troopers were held by the NCC cadets, while some were killed by the villagers.

Out of 180 Pakistan soldiers, 138 were made prisoners, 22 were killed either by the Army, police or villagers, while around 20 managed to flee back to their own side.

This year, New Delhi is celebrating the Golden Jubilee Commemoration of the 1965 Indo-Pak war, which India won decisively.

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