Western Command Air-Bases on High Alert


New Delhi: Around 25 bases mostly in Western Air Command – have been put on high alert, MoD sources told. Shoot on sight” order has been issued for unauthorized trespassers at western Command air-bases, MoD Sources said on Wednesday.

The alert comes more than a month after two groups of terrorists from Pakistan launched an attack on the Pathankot air base in Punjab. It took more than 72 hours to flush them out, seven security men were martyred in the operation.

Sources said now, more than 50 air bases across the country in Western , Eastern and Southern Air Base will be provided what was called “smart security”. A comprehensive security plan for air bases is also being worked out

Following a security audit it has also been decided that the Air Force will induct more technology like smart fence, CCTV, thermal cameras, drones and motion censors. The security upgrade will cost between Rs. 100-150 crore per base.

The state governments will remove encroachment from near air bases. Besides, 12 more flights of Garud commandos — 70 commandos in each flight – are being raised to strengthen security at air bases.