Windies Thrashes India, Enters Final


Mumbai:   India-192/2   WIndies-196/3

Brilliant with the bat,brilliant with the ball. Kohli gets a crucial wicket as Charles heads out.

WICKET! J Charles (52) is out, c Rohit Sharma b Virat Kohli, 116/3.

Noball reliefs Simmons. Score-84/2 in 10  over.

West Indies Scores 44/2 after 6 over.

Again Wicket. Nehra to Samuels, out Caught by Rahane!! Samuels c Rahane b Nehra 8(7). Score-19/2 in 3 Over.

Bumrah Gets Gayle. C Gayle (5) is out, b Jasprit Bumrah, 6/1.

Charles and Gayle are at the crease. Charles is on strike. Nehra will open the attack

West Indies has won a vital toss and elected to field first in the second semifinal of World Cup T 20. Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane are opening for Men in Blue in this mouth-watering match.

Meanwhile the Indians are in a huddle with MS doing some stern talking. The players listen in intently and then they break out of the huddle before striding out to the centre. The openers are out there too. No Ashwin. It is Nehra to start. He has been one of India’s best bowlers and with age, he gets better. He wants to play in the next T20I World Cup in 2020. Nehraji – way to go! The field is being set and there is a lone slip in place. It is Charles who will be taking strike. Here we go…

Rahane reckons that India have 15-20 more, but we have seen that anything is chaseable on this Wankhede wicket. We saw Mumbai chase something around 190 in 14 overs or so – if my memory serves me right – to get into the knockout stages. South Africa failed to defend 220+. So only time will tell whether India have enough. And also which West Indies will turn up? The one that can blow away any total, or the one that will self-destruct to make the contest a one-sided one. We never know with the men from the Caribbean

But still there is another innings left to play in this game and if Kohli is out of the world at this moment, then West Indies have a man from another galaxy when he gets going – Chris Gayle. The man with the biceps of tree trunks, looks like the character from the movie Predator, wielding the bat like an axe can make any total seem silly. But there is a big if, here, that is if he gets going. We have seen Mahendra Singh Dhoni use Ashwin often to get Gayle out in the IPL when Chennai played Bangalore. And time and again, in the first couple of overs. Will MS do the same again tonight? Will Gayle see off Ashwin? Fascinating questions and answers coming up shortly…

Welcome back. Consider this – Kohli was on 1 when West Indies missed three run-out chances off 2 balls. Three! Fast forward to the end of the innings – he finishes on 89 off 47 and takes India to 192. Will West Indies live to regret those misses? When you miss simple chances to send the best batsman in the world, in the purplest of patches that anyone can hope to be in, then someone has to pay. Right? If West Indies do go onto lose the game, then they will have a lot of time to reflect on their near misses. It wasn’t far too, with Ramdin and Bravo missing the stumps by a coat of varnish. That’s the difference between winning and losing right there, folks! And you don’t reprieve Kohli. You don’t!

Score: India  192|2 in 20 Overs