West Indies Clinches WT20 Cricket Tournament Title


Kolkata: Needing 19 runs to win the title in the last over, an unheralded Carlos Brathwaite hit four sixes of first four balls at Eden Gardens. And Ben Stokes was the unlucky bowler for England. Viraat Kohli become the man of the tournament.

But Windies victory was made possible a resilient knock from seasoned Marlon Samuels, who dug deep amidst falling wickets. The right-handed batsman was unbeaten on 85 off 66 deliveries. He played a similar innings in 2012 final, helping the Caribbean team to their first title. His 78 off 56 balls was a treat then too.

This happened hours after West Indies women’s team thrashed three-time champions Australia in the final at the same venue.

And, early in the year, West Indies colts beat India in the final of U-19 World Cup. What a year for West Indies cricket, at least in the field.


Over 19.4 || Score 161/6 (Samuels 85; Brathwaite 34); Target 156

A leg side six from the wild swinging bat of Carlos Brathwaite to start the over. That reduced the target to 13 runs. Then another six over long-on. Mighty swing.

Then another six, same area. One required from three balls.  Another six to end the match, and tournament in emphatic style.

West Indies all the way. Won by four wickets.

Over 19 || Score 137/6 (Samuels 85; Brathwaite 10); Target 156

A four to start the penultimate over, with Marlon Samuels hitting it straight. It was followed by three singles.

It could have been a two with Carlos Brathwaite playing a lofted drive over cover. But they settled for a single.

Then a Chris Jordan beauty to end the over with a dot ball. Eight runs from the over. His figures: 4-0-36-0.

West Indies need 19 runs from the last over.

Over 18 || Score 129/6 (Samuels 79; Brathwaite 8); Target 156

Busy over. The over started with a 2, with Marlon Samuels diving for dear life. A leg bye followed, then another 2, and once again Samuels diving.

Two dot balls, than Carlos Brathwaite played a scoop shot against a straight delivery, which went for a four behind the wicket.

11 runs from the over, and West Indies need 27 runs from the next two overs.

Over 17 || Score 118/6 (Samuels 76; Brathwaite 1); Target 156

Chris Jordan conceded seven runs in his third over. Good one for England as the asking rate for West Indies continue to creep up.

The over started with a dot ball to Marlon Samuels. The West Indies veteran than hit a four. It was followed by three singles.

West Indies need another 38 runs from 18 balls.

Over 16 || Score 104/6 (Samuels 70; Brathwaite 0); Target 156

What a game. In the previous over, West Indies took 18 runs off Liam Plunkett’s over. Then, they lost two wickets to David Willey.

Over started with the wicket of Andre Russell, caught at mid-wicket boundary, by Ben Stokes. Good one with the ball dipping.

WICKET: Andre Russell c Ben Stokes b David Willey 1 (3b)

A wide followed and the skipper and new man Darren Sammy took a 2. But the next ball, he played a lofted drive and was caught at deep cover. Out.

WICKET: Darren Sammy c Alex Hales b David Willey 2 (2b)

Seven runs and two wickets from the over. West Indies need another 45 runs from 24 balls. Carlos Brathwaite is the new man.

Over 15 || Score 104/4 (Samuels 67; Russell 1); Target 156

A good over for West Indies as Marlon Samuels took the charge. He started with a four, beating long-on fielder with a well timed shot. A single, then a dot ball.

A dot ball off the fourth delivery, then he hit back-to-back sixes, first one over long on, and the second one, flat, straight.

18 runs from the over from Liam Plunkett’s last over. His figures 4-0-29-0.

Adil Rashid completed his spell in the previous over, for figures of 4-0-23-1.

Over 14 || Score 86/4 (Samuels 50; Russell 0); Target 156

Could have a 2, but the West Indians in the centre settled for a single. A single followed, then Dwayne Bravo hit a mighty six over mid-wicket boundary. A single then, Marlon Samuels took another single to reach his fifty, off 47 balls.

The very next delivery, he lost partner Dwayne Mumbai, thus ending a 75-run partnership.

WICKET: Dwayne Bravo c Joe Root b Adil Rashid 25 (27b)

Andre Russell is the new man. 10 runs and a wicket from the over.

Over 13 || Score 76/3 (Samuels 48; Bravo 17); Target 156

A single to start Ben Stokes’ second over. Then a very wide wide. No run in the next ball, and substitute fielder Sam Billings drop Dwayne Bravo off a top edge, and the ball slipped through for a four at square leg.

Three singles more to make it a nine-run over. West Indies need another 80 runs from 42 balls.

Over 12 || Score 67/3 (Samuels 46; Bravo 11); Target 156

Adil Rashid continued for his third over. Two singles then a dot ball. A single, then a miss hit by Dwayne Bravo, but still a single.

A single to end the over. Five runs from the over. West Indies need another 89 runs from 48 balls.

Over 11 || Score 62/3 (Samuels 43; Bravo 9); Target 156

A loosener from Ben Stokes, and it was punished by Marlon Samuels, through cover, for a four. A dot ball followed. Then a leg side wide. Bouncer went wrong.

A single to Marlon Samuels, then Dwayne Bravo clipped the next delivery for another single.

A fuller delivery from Stokes, and play and miss from Samuels. It was followed by a gentle push, for a single. Eight runs from the over.

Over 10 || Score 54/3 (Samuels 37; Bravo 8); Target 156

Adil Rashid continued for second over, and plenty of variations and spin. After two balls, Dwayne Bravo took a single, gently playing through the line. Then, Marlon Samuels tried sweeping. But nothing happening.

A dot ball, and a single to end the over. Four singles from the over, and West Indies need 102 runs from the last ten overs. Huge ask.

Over 9 || Score 50/3 (Samuels 35; Bravo 6); Target 156

Unlucky Liam Plunkett. A well directed yorker, but Marlon Samuels found an edge from an awkward shot between his legs and ball flew, through backward square leg.

It was followed by a dot ball, then a single to Marlon Samuels. A wide, then Dwayne Bravo took a single. A dot to end the over.

Meanwhile, West Indies reached fifty. Seven runs from the over.

Over 8 || Score 43/3 (Samuels 30; Bravo 5); Target 156

Adil Rashid on. And the leg break spinner started with a good over, conceding only runs.

Two dot balls, with the second one spinning a mile, which was followed by four singles. The spin encouraged England skipper to have a slip too.

Over 7 || Score 39/3 (Samuels 28; Bravo 3); Target 156

Some drama. First Marlon Samuels walked, caught behind off an outside edge. Caught behind. But on replay, evidence showed Jos Buttler had grassed the catch. And umpires called Samuels back.

That happened off the very first ball of the over.

Still a brilliant over from Liam Plunkett. He conceded two runs only.

Over 6 || Score 37/3 (Samuels 27; Bravo 2); Target 156

Back-to-back fours to start the over. Marlon Samuels found the gap, through mid-wicket for his first four. It was followed by a top-edged, with ball racing for another four, behind the wicket.

Then he played a good looking cover drive, which was fielded well to restrict to a 2. But the next ball was pitched up and Samuels played the best shot of the innings so far. A cover drive, and a four.

A wide, a dot ball, and a single to end the over. 16 runs from Chris Jordan’s second over.

Over 5 || Score 21/3 (Samuels 12; Bravo 2); Target 156

Eoin Morgan introduced Liam Plunkett, and the fast bowler started with three dot balls.

Then a misfield at short fine leg by Adil Rashid allowed Marlon Samuels to steak a single. It was followed up by a short pitch delivery, banged in. One leg bye.

A single followed, and three runs from the over.

West Indies need another 135 runs from 15 overs.

Over 4 || Score 18/3 (Samuels 10; Bravo 2); Target 156

Five runs from Chris Jordan’s first over. England have tied down the flambouyant West Indies batsmen, just like the Windies bowlers had done early in the match, when the Poms lost three early wickets.

It’s England’s match, and title to lose. What a masterstroke by introducing Joe Root, in the second over.

Over 3 || Score 13/3 (Samuels 7; Bravo 0); Target 156

What an over. David Willey removed Lendl Simmons, and conceded three runs.

WICKET: Lendl Simmons lbw b David Willey 0 (1b)

That happened in the third ball of the over.West Indies need another 143 runs from 17 runs. Dwayne Bravo is the new man.

Over 2 || Score 10/2 (Samuels 5; Simmons 0); Target 156

Game on in Kolkata. For a change, England introduced Joe Root, and he provided the first break-through, removing Johnson Charles off the first ball. Good catch at mid-on by Ben Stokes.

WICKET: Johnson Charles c Ben Stokes b Joe Root 1 (7b)

Then, Chris Gayle found a lucky four, over the point fielder. But that’s all about Gayle. Out next ball. He slogged and a catch at long-off.

WICKET: Chris Gayle c Ben Stokes b Joe Root 4 (2b)

New man Marlon Samuels hit a four off the fifth ball. His partner is semi-final hero Lendl Simmons. Nine runs and two wickets from the over.

Over 1 || Score 1/0 (Charles 1; Gayle 0); Target 156

Unlike the Windies, England opted pace with left-arm David Willey starting with gentle swinging deliveries.

Four dot deliveries. Then, a LBW shout, with the fifth delivery deviating a bit, down the leg, which get a nick on the way to keeper’s glove, though from the pad.

A single off the last ball.

This is not a big total but England will take heart from the fact that 150+ is still a good total in any T20 game, irrespective of playing conditions. India scored 157 against Pakistan in the 2007 final, and won. But again, if Chris Gayle gets going, England will have some tough time. Gayle is also known to be a England beater.


Over 20 || Score 155/9 (Jordan 12; Adil 4)

10 runs from the last over and England set a 156-run target for West Indies.

A leg bye to start the over, then a dot ball. It was followed by a four, through square leg, as Chris Jordan finally opened up. A 2, and a single followed.

Adil Rashid took a double to end the innings.

Andre Russell’s figures: 4-0-21-1. Ever impressive Dwayne Bravo completed his spell in the previous over, for figures of 4-0-37-3.

Over 19 || Score 145/9 (Jordan 5; Adil 2)

Another great catch from West Indies fielding, and another wicket for Dwayne Bravo.

The penultimate over started with a 2, off the blade of Liam Plunkett. It was followed by another couple. Then the wicket of Plunkett. Great catch at by big man Samuel Badree of a wild swing by the batsman. Badree seemed to have injured himself, but he is fine. A substitute fielder is on for him, though.

WICKET: Liam Plunkett c Samule Badree b Dwayne Bravo 4 (4b)

Seven runs and a wicket. Adil Rashid is the new man.

Over 18 || Score 138/8 (Jordan 4; Plunkett 0)

Brilliant over at the death for West Indies. Seven runs and a wicket.

A single to Chris Jordan to start the over, then a four to David Willey. Straight drive.

Then the wicket of Willey. Great catch at deep mid-wicket by Charles Johnson. A slower delivery from the medium pacer.

WICKET: David Willey c Johnson Charles b Carlos Brathwaite 21 (14b)

Brathwaite, thus, completed his spell for figures of 4-0-23-3.

Liam Plunkett is the new man.

Over 17 || Score 131/7 (Jordan 2; Willey 17)

David Willey can hit, like many of the England lower order batsmen.

A dot to start the over, then Willey lofted one over deep mid-wicket, even as Carlos Brathwaite jumped in futility, attempting a non-existent catch.

Willey, then, ended the over with a straight six.  14 runs from Dwayne Bravo’s third over.

Over 16 || Score 117/7 (Jordan 1; Willey 4)

Brilliant stuff from Andre Russel. A leg bye and a single from it. In the last five overs, Windies have taken four wickets, conceding 34 runs at an rate of 6.80.

Over 15 || Score 115/7 (Jordan 1; Willey 3)

Wickets, wickets for Wrest Indies and England fizzled out in the final.

The over started with a wide, then a lower delivery undone Joe Root. Good catch at short fine leg, by Sulieman Benn.

WICKET: Joe Root c Sulieman Benn b Carlos Brathwaite 54 (36b)

Five runs and a wicket from the over. Chris Jordan abd David Willey in the centre, witnessing Calypso song and dance show first hand.

Over 14 || Score 110/6 (Root 54; Jordan 0)

Dwayne Bravo returned for his second over and started by conceding a four to Joe Root. The England batsman hit past the point fielder.

A leg bye, then a 2. Then the wicket of Ben Stokes. Slower bouncer, well delivered by Bravo. Caught at point.

WICKET: Ben Stokes c Lendl Simmons b Dwayne Bravo 13 (8b)

A dot ball, then the new man Moeen Ali poked the moving delivery on the leg. And he’s gone. Caught behind.

WICKET: Moeen Ali c Denesh Ramdin b Dwayne Bravo 0 (2b)

Seven runs and two wickets.

Over 13 || Score 103/3 (Root 50; Stokes 11)

Windies skipper brought himself into the attack and he conceded 14 runs.

The over started with a single to Ben Stokes. Then, Joe Root took 2 of a top-edge, which was followed by a four through the point area. Asking to be hit. Wide and short from the skipper. And Root reached his fifty off 33 balls.

A single then a four to Stokes. 100 up for England.  A double to end the over.

Over 12 || Score 89/4 (Root 43; Stokes 4)

Carlos Brathwaite removed dangerous Jos Buttler, caught at mid-wicket boundary Dwayne Bravo. Remember Ajinkya Rahane dismissal. And the champion dance too.

WICKET: Jos Buttler c Dwayne Bravo b Carlos Brathwaite 36 (22b)

That happened in the second ball of the over. New Man Ben Stokes started his innings with a 2, off the very first he faced. Three more singles followed.

Six runs from the over, and that big wicket.

Over 11 || Score 83/3 (Root 41; Buttler 36)

Then, Jos Buttler creamed Sulieman Been. 16 runs from the over.

Two back-to-back sixes to start the over, on either wide of the wicket. Clean hitting.

It was followed by four singles. With that Joe Root and  Buttler have stitched a 60-run partnership in 6.2 overs.

Over 10 || Score 67/3 (Root 39; Buttler 22)

A couple of runs to the start the 10th over, bowled by Andre Russell. Joe Root play a pull shot with conviction, but Carlos Brathwaite covered some ground to cut the ball. Good fielding at deep square leg.

Two singles followed, then Root played another pull shot, this time through long leg area. Eight runs from the first four deliveries.

The fifth delivery, on to the leg stump, which was played through long on. And a single to end the over. 10 runs from the over. Consolidated period for India.

Over 9 || Score 57/3 (Root 31; Buttler 21)

Sulieman Benn, who leaked 14 runs in his first over, returned for second over. And the left-arm spinner was once again taken to the cleaners.

A dot started the over, which was followed by two singles. Then, Jos Buttler creamed the fourth delivery with a flat six, over the cover.

It was followed by a 2. And a dot to end the over. 10 runs from the over.

Over 8 || Score 47/3 (Root 30; Buttler 11)

Darren Sammy introduced Carlos Brathwaite. The medium pacer started by conceding a 2 to Joe Root, who played to backward square leg. Two singles followed, before a dot ball.

Two more singles to make it a six-run over.

Over 7 || Score 41/3 (Root 26; Buttler 9)

Samuel Badree completed his spell. In the fourth and last over, he conceded eight runs, which included a four to Joe Root.

A dot to start the over, then three singles followed. Fourth ball was dispatched by Root, through mid-wicket.

Then a single to end the over. Badree’s figures: 4-1-16-2.

Over 6 || Score 33/3 (Root 20; Buttler 7)

Amidst the ruin, Jos Buttler is playing some great shots.

A single to start the over, then a four to Jos Buttler, played over the point. It was followed by 2, then a single. A dot ball, then a 2 to end the over.

Ten runs from Dwayne Bravo’s first over

Over 5 || Score 23/3 (Root 17; Buttler 0)

Samuel Badree on song. Removed England captain with a wrong-un. Caught at slip by Chris Gayle.

WICKET: Eoin Morgan c Chris Gayle b Samuel Badree 5 (12b)

That happened in the fourth delivery of the over. Maiden wicket from Badree. His figures read: 3-1-8-2.

Jos Buttler is the new man.

Over 4 || Score 23/2 (Root 17; Morgan 5)

Spin from both end as Darren Sammy introduced Sulieman Benn in the fourth over.

The over started with a dot ball to Joe Root. Then, Root played through the covers, for his first four. A single off a tossed up delivery, which was followed by a good lofted drive by Eoin Morgan, for four.

A single, and another four with Root finding the gap at mid-on.  14 runs from the over.

Over 3 || Score 9/2 (Root 8; Morgan 0)

Then, Samuel Badree continued with a one-run over. Joe Root took a single off the first ball, then the next five deliveries, Eoin Morgan blocked.

Over 2 || Score 8/2 (Root 7; Morgan 0)

Andre Russell shared the new ball with Samuel Badree. And he got the second England wicket. Good captaincy from Darren Sammy to have a short fine leg, where Badree took the catch of Alex Hales.

WICKET: ALex Hales c Samuel Badree b Andre Russell 1(3)

That happened in the penultimate delivery of the over, which was started with a couple of dot balls. A single off the fourth ball, that’s all from the over.

Skipper Eoin Morgan is the new man.

Over 1 || Score 7/1 (Hales 1; Root 6)

Samule Badree with the first over. He started with a shout for LBW against , ball might just have drifted down the leg. Then the wicket. Bowled, clean bowled.

Jason Roy wanted to play from the back-foot, and he failed to read the line.

WICKET: Jason Roy b Samuel Badree 0 (2b)

New man Joe Root took a single off the very first ball he faced. It was followed by a single, from Alex Hales. The, Root hit the first four of the match, through the covers. A single, and seven runs from the over.

The replay of their Super 10 Group 1 match, which was won by West Indies by six wickets in Mumbai, will be between two batting heavy sides, with enough all-rounders capable winning matches single handedly. Anthem round done. Moments into the first bowl. England were the winners of 2010 edition, while Windies won the tournament in the next edition.

Playing XIs:

England: Jason Roy, Alex Hales, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan (capt.), Jos Buttler (wk), Ben Stokes, Moeen Ali, Chris Jordan, David Willey, Adil Rashid, Liam Plunkett

West Indies: Johnson Charles, Chris Gayle, Marlon Samuels, Lendl Simmons, Andre Russell, Denesh Ramdin (wk), Dwayne Bravo, Darren Sammy (capt.), Carlos Brathwaite, Samuel Badree, Sulieman Benn

TOSS: Time for all-important toss. Both the captains are out, with match referee Ranjan Madugalle. Eoin Morgan flipped the coin, and Darren Sammy called heads. West Indies won the toss, and will bowl first. Both the sides are unchanged, and England captain Eoin Morgan said he would have done the same… Chasing has become a fad. By the way, it’s ten consecutive time that Sammy has won the toss. Some run of luck.

Match officials:

Umpires: Kumar Dharmasena (SL) and Rod Tucker (AUS)
Third umpire: Marais Erasmus (RSA)
Match referee: Ranjan Madugalle (SL)
Reserve umpire: Bruce Oxenford (AUS)


England: Eoin Morgan (capt.), Moeen Ali, Sam Billings, Jos Buttler (wk), Liam Dawson, Alex Hales, Chris Jordan, Liam Plunkett, Adil Rashid, Joe Root, Jason Roy, Ben Stokes, Reece Topley, James Vince, David Willey

West Indies: Darren Sammy (capt.), Samuel Badree, Sulieman Benn, Carlos Brathwaite, Dwayne Bravo, Johnson Charles, Chris Gayle, Jason Holder, Evin Lewis, Ashley Nurse, Denesh Ramdin (wk), Andre Russell, Marlon Samuels, Lendl Simmons, Jerome Taylor