West Bengal Will Follow The Path Of Tripura: Mukul Roy

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Kolkata: West Bengal will follow the path of Tripura. People will bring change, lashing out at West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tripura elections, BJP leader Mukul Roy on Saturday accused her of making a volte-face and deveiating from her fight against the Leftists.

While talking with the reporter of Kolkata24x7.com, Mukul Roy slams Bengal CM as a ‘Traitor’. He further adds that “Mamata Banerjee is the most corrupted person in Bengal. Being a traitor, she will get the result soon here like Tripura.”

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ত্রিপুরায় জামানত খুইয়ে বাংলায় প্রবল চিন্তায় মমতা

“At this moment, if there is any party in India which is capable of fighting the CPI-M, that is the Bharatiya Janata Party. Because Mamata has deviated from her fight (against the CPI-M). Mamata is saying it would be good if the CPI-M wins (in Tripura). Hope now she understands my power” said Roy.

The BJP is leading in 41 seats while its ally Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT) was ahead in eight seats in Tripura. The ruling CPI(M), which is power for the last 25 years, was ahead in 18 seats, according to the trends available.

Earlier Mamata Banerjee had told Communist Party of India-Marxist lawmakers this week in the Assembly that she would have been happy “in a greater cause had they won the Tripura Assembly polls, but that is not to be”.

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The Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee blamed lack of funds and a “traitor who has joined the BJP” for the party’s inability to give a tough fight in the Tripura Assembly polls.
The Party Supremo Mamata Banerjee claims that “The first reason why we are unable to contest the Tripura polls properly is because of lack of funds. Some time back, we were able to establish our organisational network in Tripura. But because of a traitor who joined the BJP, we suffered a setback,” she said.

She did not name anyone but political circles believe she meant Mukul Roy, who was in charge of the party in Tripura, under whose leadership a large section of the Congress in Tripura joined Trinamool. After Roy left Trinamool, a section of the party joined the BJP in Tripura, thus making the Assembly polls a straight fight between the BJP and the Left.