Violence Mars Voting For First Phase (B) In West Bengal

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  • EC has asked an answer from district administration regarding the incident in sottor in Jamuria.
  • “I complained about 23 booths, TMC got dissapointed; and they shouted slogans at me out of frustration”, said Surjyakanta Mishra.
  • In Bishnupur, the alliance candidate was roughed up by TMC; It’s alleged.
  • Media was threatened with dire consequences in Sottor. Nobody was allowed to do their work.
  • In Durgapur, barring some sporadic incidents initially vote was peaceful. But, with passing time, complaints started pouring in.
  • State BJP Chief Dilip Ghosh argues with TMC workers.
  • TMC-CPM clash in Ghatal.
  • 5 CPM supporters are injured! CPM allege TMC’s hand in the attack. TMC ignores claim.
  • polls-1    polls-2
  • West Midnapore 76%, Bankura 70.84%, Burdwan 67.96%; till 3PM Total percentage is 71.60%
  • Polling percentage so far:
  • CPM-TMC engage in a violent clash in Jamuria’s Sattar village. One house has been torched in the violence.
  • Slain TMC leader Joydeb Jana’s wife– Manasi has cast her vote.
  • Md. Sohrab Ali of TMC barged into the booth no.93. Later, the presiding officer of this booth in Ranigunj has been suspended.
  • Congress-TMC supporters raise slogans against Surjyakanta Mishra. Security guards are accompanying the CPM leader now.
  • BJP files complaints in EC.
  • TMC candidate Shiuli Saha said, “Police has beaten up our women supporters.”
  • BJP is angry with EC’s role.
  • Daatan’s CPI candidate Shisir Kumar Patra alleged that in booth no.259 there’s no presiding officer, but the polling process is on.
  • Excitement in Booth no.49 of Nandi School.
  • TMC-CPM-BJP Clash in Jamuria.
  • Voters’ apathy could be seen in Belda, where booths are almost vacant. People are not interested to vote in this heatwave.
  • Opposition demands to bring the full bench of EC in the state before third phase of polls.
  • EC claims to have solved 950 complaints so far.
  • In last 1 hour 130 complaints were lodged in EC.
  • Till 1 PM, 1150 complaints were submitted in EC.
  • TMC threats to undress Left woman agent in Keshpur.
  • ‘I’ve complained about 23 booths in Narayangarh’: Surjyakanta Mishra
  • Left Front is fuming with the role played by EC.
  • CPM-TMC Clashes in Keshpur.
  • Several clashes reported at Kespur. three people injured. Left Front agent thrashed at pandabeshwar inside polling booth.
  • Congress, CPM workers attack in Durgapur. TMC accused.
  • Elderly voter dies in Jamuria’s Kenda High School polling booth.
  • So far 600 complaints have been solved, says EC. 40% voting in West Bengal till 11 am.
  • Alleged Trinamool goons attacked several Congress workers in Durgapur West, Subhaspally, and threatened voters. Police seen standing by the side watching mutely.
  • Violence reported in Onda, Bankura; goons spotted brandishing arms.
  • SP submitted report to EC on Bankura’s Sonamukhi bomb incident, termed it as an mere cracker used to disperse elephants in the area. vote-force
  • The goons are seen threatening voters while Central forces are absent in the area.
  • Masked people seen roaming freely in Sonamukhi area, TMC blamed.
  • BJP office vandalized in barabani. TMC accused.
  • Voting percentage in West Midnapore-23.97, Bankura-16.92 and Burdwan-18.95. Overall-23.97.
  • Voting percentage will be declared only aftre receiving written report from the districts: EC
  • Massive rigging by TMC reported at booth nu-77, 78 at Kharagpur’s Debolpur.
  • Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee had literally offered a blank cheque to the people of Narayangarh and ask them not to vote for Surya Kant Mishra.
  • CPM accuses Trinamool of booth capturing in narayangarh, the strong hold of Surya Kant Mishra.suryakanta
  • CPM leader Surya Kant Mishra leads CPI-M polling agent at Kakurdah polling booth in Narayangarg after alleged TMC goons prevented opposition agents entry.
  • Alleged Trinamool leader Vivekananda Mukherjee seen influencing voters at a polling booth in Asansol. 
  • EVM malfunctioned at Garbeta polling booth nu-168. Allegations of EVM rigging in favour of TMC  surfaced. EVM replaced.
  • The Election Commission has so far received 350 complaints. 194 complaints have been solved, said EC. 
  • Despite EC’s orders state police personnel seen guarding polling booths in Narayangarh. Central forces stationed outside.
  • Congress candidate Tushar Bhattacharya thrashed allegedly by TMC at Bankura’s bishnupur kheluara area. Police complaint lodged.arms
  • So far 188 complains have been received by Election Commission.
  • A section prevented CPM leader Surya Kant Mishra from entering booth nu-258 at Radhanagar Adarshanagar School booth.
  • Actor cum Trinamool candidate Soham Chakraborty prevented from entering polling booth at Borhura’a Sakrara Primary School by paramilitary forces.
  • EC has failed to provide security, said Congress leader Manas Bhunia.
  • Surya Kant Mishra lodges complaint at EC. Leads harassed CPM agent at Narayangarh to polling booth.
  • Congress agents prevented from entering polling booths in Sabang allegedly by Trinamool workers.
  • Central forces busy shopping at Raniganj. No Central forces at Kutulpur and many booths in Bankura.vote3
  • CPM  workers house set on fir at Nayabad. Fingers raised at TMC.
  • Voters threatened by TMC goons at Kulti in Durgapur.
  • Bombs recovered from a gymnasium near Bypass Road booth nu-35 in Jamuria. Police rushed to the spot. Voters accused TMC of intimidating them. 
  • Bombs hurled allegedly by TMC goons at Rasulpur in Belut.
  • CPM lerader Surya Kant Mishra said that TMC perpetrating violence and will be answered by voters.
  • Bike gang allegedly of TMC seen influencing voters at Both number-32 and 33 at Ashok Pally Primary School in Raniganj assembly seats.
  • Privacy of voters compromised at Ukhra primary school polling booth at Pandabeshwar in Raniganj assembly seat.
  • Polling officer Parimal Bauri died allegedly due to heart failure at Pandabeshwar’s booth nu-234. vote2
  • Two CPM agents abducted in Keshpur, allegedly by TMC.
  • CPM pooling agents prevented from entering booths in Sonamukhi’s Patrashayar by TMC workers.
  • CPM pooling agent Zulfiqar Ali of Chandrakuna booth nu-279 allegedly beaten by TMC goons.
  • TMC agent threatened office vandalized in Sabang’s Debogram panchayat’s khorpura polling booth, allegedly by Congress and CPM supporters.
  • CPM polling agents threatened, prevented from entering several pooling booths in West Midnapore’s Ghatal area. TMC accused.
  • Central forces monitoring polls. No state police personnel ave been allowed inside the booths.
  • CPM lodges complaint at Electin Commission against 1
  • Goons with bombs and pistols threatening voters at Sonamukhi captured in TV footage. TMC accused.
  • Tension in Jamuria’s booth nu-75, 76. Pooling agent Jibon Ruidas of CPM thrashed, allegedly by TMC goons.
  • Tension reported in Bankura’s Sonamukhi. Pooling agent Jibon Ruidas of CPM thrashed, allegedly by TMC goons.
  • A total of 400 companies of Central forces have been deployed. Two helicopters will also monitor the polling.
  • Voting is going on across a total of 8465 polling booths. Central forces will monitor all the booths, said EC.
  • Polling is going on a total of 31 assembly seats in West Midnapore, Bankura and Burdwan districts.
  • Voting for the second round of first phase begins from 07:00am and end on 06:00 pm.

Kolkata: The fate of top Opposition leaders in West Bengal will be sealed by about 70 lakh voters in 31 constituencies in high-stakes multi-cornered contest in the second part of the first phase of the Assembly elections on Monday.

Key stats:

A total of 163 candidates, including 21 women, are contesting in 31 seats of West Midnapore, Bankura and Burdwan districts. There are about 70 lakh voters and 33.6 lakh are women and 50 belong to the third gender.

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Thirty-seven or 23 per cent of the candidates face criminal charges. Twelve of the 31 candidates from the BJP and nearly a quarter (10) of the TMC candidates face criminal charges.

Four constituencies — Jamuria, Pandabeswar, Indus (SC) and Kulti — have three or more candidates facing criminal charges.

The three richest candidates are: Pradip Kr. Mazumder (over 12 cr.), Saumen Kumar Mahapatra (over Rs. 7 cr.) and Apurba Mukherjee (over Rs. 4 cr.)

Prominent candidates

Five-time CPI(M) MLA from Narayangarh and Leader of Opposition Surjya Kanta Mishra, senior state Congress leader Manas Bhuniya from Sabang are among the major candidates contesting polls in this phase.

Two candidates making their electoral debut — actor Soham Chakraborty and Colonel (retired) Diptanshu Chaudhury, who had fought in the Kargil War — are contesting on TMC and BJP tickets, respectively.

West Bengal through the years:


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