West Bengal By polls: BJP to conduct special Surveillance

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Kolkata: The Bharatiya Janata Party has suffered a big blow in the recently concluded Delhi Assembly Polls. The party which had grabbed seven out of Seven seats in the Lok Sabha Polls of 2014, was reduced to merely three seats out of Seventy in the elections results declared yesterday.

The BJP state leaders are not taking any chance in the Bangaon Lok Sabha and Kishangunj Vidhan Sabha by polls which are scheduled to be held tomorrow.

Apart from the Election Commission, the BJP will also conduct surveillance in both the constituencies. The senior party leaders have asked the workers and supporters to be alert and rush to the spot as soon as they get news of any unrest. They have been asked to click pictures on Mobile phones and sent them to the BJP headquarters through Whatsaap.

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The pictures will be taken up with the common people and the Election commission. Additional forces have been deployed for the election.