Kolkata shivers in Cold


Kolkata: Kolkata gets her Christmas gift of shivering cold just in time before the year ends. There was sudden drop in temperatures in Kolkata and throughout West Bengal. The weather department has said that cold wave will blow on the next three days and temperatures will drop further.

Due to the rains some days back the real winter effect couldn’t be experienced. Although Kolkata streets are flooded with colourful sweaters and jackets selling on the streets, the sudden chill from Christmas night has actually made people tuck in sweaters, shawls, jackets, mufflers, stoles to beat the cold.

The temperatures in Kolkata has dropped to 13.5 degree Celsius on Friday, which is 1 degree below normal. Weather department told that temperatures will further drop below in the next few days. And they have alerted that cold wave will blow in Darjeeling, Maldah and Jalpaiguri.