West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination On Today


Kolkata: More than 1.25 lakh candidates will appear for the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination scheduled on Sunday. The candidates have been instructed to enter their examination centres by 10.30 am.

The JEE Board for the first time this year, has introduced a unique system in which the sealed packet of the question papers will be opened by the examinee on his/her own.

The students will first open a polythene packet used for wrapping the booklet and then open another seal to access the question and answer booklet. The invigilators will guide the students in opening the packet if needed. There will be separate sealed packets for every student.

The examination held in as many as 334 centres in the state, 1 in Assam and four in Agartala amidst elaborate security measures. Registrar of West Bengal Joint Entrance Board Dibyendu Kar informed that Mathematics examination held in the first half from 11 am to 1 pm while examination for Physics and Chemistry will be held from 2-4 pm.

In the previous system it was the invigilator who would hand over the question and answer booklets to the students. However, from this year, the booklets in sealed packets will be handed over directly to the examinees by the invigilators.