West Bengal Govt ‘Slightly Friendly’ Towards Rohingya: BSF


New Delhi: The Border Security Force (BSF) lauded the West Bengal government for
showing a willingness in accepting Rohingya refugees, even as the BSF adopts a
push-back policy on Rohingya infiltration through the India-Bangladesh border.

Speaking to the media, BSF director general KK Sharma said the BSF has achieved a
“major success” in preventing an influx of Rohingya refugees, although he added
that West Bengal is “slightly friendly” to the Rohingya, and has even set up
special camps for about 70 such families.

Sharma added that he has ordered an inquiry to ascertain their numbers. He added
that though the policies regarding the issue are intact, there haven’t been any
large-scale influx of the Myanmar-based migrants into India.

“We are alive to the situation. We are aware that a large number of Rohingya are
assembled in Bangladesh, and from time to time, try to enter India, but I am very
happy to say that we did not let them succeed,” he said.

He further pointed that because of their push-back policy that there has not been
any large-scale influx of Rohingya into India.

“Whatever Rohingya are already present in the country are also coming under
pressure at certain places. So they are going to West Bengal, a state which is
slightly friendly towards them. They have set up camps for the Rohingya coming from
within the country, and not from Bangladesh,” Sharma said at a press conference he
held with his visiting Bangladesh counterpart on Friday.

“We got the (Rohingya presence in West Bengal) inquired,” he said, adding that
there were about 70-odd families who had come from various places within India.