West Bengal Gang-Rape Like ‘Nirbhaya’ Case: 2 Arrested


Dinajpur: Police has finally arrested two culprits in a barbaric incident. The incident will remind you the case of ‘Nirbhaya’ gang-rape. A teenager from West Bengal’s Dinajpur was allegedly gang-raped by two men and a metal object was thrusted into her private parts, police said on Tuesday.

West Bengal Police said, the 19-year-old girl was found lying naked under a bridge. “She is currently being medically treated at Malda Medical College and Hospital,” said a senior police officer of South Dinajpur.

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The police further added that a passerby had found the victim lying in unconscious state in pool of blood with her intestine coming out from her private part. “We have arrested two persons in connection to the incident,: said Prasun Banerjee, Dinajpur superintendent of police (SP).

Another police officer part of the investigation team said, “The passerby who had rushed the victim to a nearby hospital told us that she told him that two persons abducted and assaulted her on February 17. She was returning from Shivratri fair.”

Dr Amir Kumar Dawn, medical superintendent of Malda Medical College and Hospital said, “She has been brutally assaulted by her perpetrators. We conducted two rounds of surgery on her. She is recovering.”