West Bengal CM’s Security Tightened After Hemtabad Incident


Kolkata: The state secretariat has decided to set-up a 3-tier security system for the chief minister after the incident of Hemtabad where a woman breached security on Thursday to jump to talk with the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s during public speech at Hemtabad in North Dinajpur.

Following the incident, the state secretariat, in an effort to tighten the chief minister’s security, has already adopted few measures. The number of women security guards at the D-zone of the CM will be increased.

The presence of women security guards at dais will be increased with immediate effect. Strict restrictions are also being imposed over the use of phones in the D-zone of the CM.Commando training officers from the Special Security Unit stay inside the D-zone of the CM for security. Behind them are deployed the uniformed police officers. Again behind them, the police and officials from the special branch are present.

The woman, a local resident, promptly threw herself at Banerjee’s feet much to the latter’s surprise, before immediately being dragged away by the security personnel present on the stage. Sanjay Chandra, the ADG (IB) of state police is investigating into the matter. DG Surajit Kar Puryakayastha and the CM’s security head Virendra are separately investigating into the incident.