Went Through The Bridge Moments Ago, Says Panick-Stricken Sourav


Kolkata: In a shocking news coming in, ‘Prince of Calcutta’ Sourav Ganguly just
passed through the bridge moments before it collapsed.

According to an interview with a national media, the former captain said that he
regularly uses the bridge. On Tuesday also, he used the bridge some 1-2 hours
before it collapsed. He said, “I move to-and-fro using this bridge regularly. This
accident is really panicking. I hope that everything becomes right soon.”

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Parts of the bridge collapsed on Tuesday evening. An active bridge naturally had
traffic at that moment both on and below it. On Tuesday, several cars were moving
on this busy-day of the week. Several cars got trapped beneath it which were
recovered slowly.

Tollywood actor Bhaskar Banerjee had a narrow escape on Tuesday while he was on his
way to the V-Line studio.

Banerjee was going to the studio for his shooting for television serial
‘Ardhangini’. His car was near the edge of the bridge, the bridge collapsed minutes
before. He is very panic-stricken after the incident.

Hundreds of people cross this bridge daily as it is an important connector between
Taratala and Alipur. The memory of the Posta flyover incident in 2016 which killed
27, was re-awakened once again after the Majerhat bridge collapsed.