Webcuta-TMCP clash in CU turns ugly


Kolkata: After Scottish Church College, the campus of Calcutta University sees one of the darkest days in its history. Since Wednesday morning the campus area saw a tiff tussle between the TMCP and the Webcuta. It is said that, the regular proceedings of the university was put on hold. As a result of which, the students took the path of protest and started putting up banners and hoardings in the campus. Things turned ugly as CU Webcuta secretary named Dippendu Paul was reported to have been attacked by he students wing. On the other hand, the TMCP has claimed that couple of their worker students were also brutally heckled and was not attended by the university authorities.

A student was spotted coming from another college registered under the University. When asked about his enterprise his answers caught him off guarded. Hence, it is yet not sure whether it is just a protest to bring back the working environment in the campus or it has underlying political colour added to it. The police have reached the spot and is working in light to bring the situation under control.