Press Jackets, A Safety Tool For Journalists?


Kolkata:  Horace Greeley once wrote “Journalism will kill you, but it will keep you alive while you’re at it.” Yes, it’s true. Journalists are always on their feet and risk the life to collect the news from various sources.  In order to collect the news they never think of their life but when the Police, the watchdog of law and order assaulted the journalists, then it would be very dangerous for democracy.

সাংবাদিকদের জ্যাকেট পরিয়ে কলকাতায় যুদ্ধের পরিবেশ নগরপালের

Many of us often saw that the journalists of war torn Baghdad, Palestine were wearing press jackets to cover the news in danger areas. But in West Bengal it is hard to believe that journalists wear press jackets to cover the news report. Yes, the Kolkata Police suggests wearing Press jackets as a solution in covering such incidents. Now the question raises that are Kolkata turn to be like war environment zone?  The speech of Kolkata police commissioner came out to cover the absurdity of the KP.

Rajib Kumar, The commissioner of Kolkata Police was giving nonchalant reply said that they could not identified the journalists in this situation. But images of that incident clearly indicated that Police assaulted journalists even when they knew very well of it. So, the speech of CP raises the question of liability.

Journalists covering the Left parties’ protest march to the state secretariat were brutally assaulted on Monday. At least a dozen of journalists were beaten up by the police and some of their cameras were smashed.

Footage shot by video journalists show how journalists were abused, intimidated and thrashed brutally after Kolkata police officers including Deputy Commissioner (STF) Murli Dhar Sharma and ADCP Aparajita Rai entered into a verbal spat with the media persons near the Kolkata Press Club. Some images also reveal how media persons were beaten up with lathis by men who were not in police uniforms. After that incident the inhuman Kolkata police to save their side said to buy the press jackets.

Now the question is that can KP recognize journalists even after wearing press jackets? Can journalists cover the black side of Police after wearing these jackets? Can police pressurize to buy the jackets to cover their obscenity? As well as we all looking forward for administration reply.

Reported By- Manab Guha

Edited By- Piku Mukherjee

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