What To Wear At A Bong Wedding


It is the wedding season of the year. Quite naturally, you are bound to get at least one or two invitations. You are definitely excited but you can barely think about what to wear.

The options are unlimited but our thoughts become limited. We become confused what to wear and what not to look the best on the wedding night.

Worried ?

No Worries, we have wonderful ideas just for you.

These are the 5 best choices you can adopt :

  1. Saree


  2. Anarkalianarkali

  3. Lehenga


  4. Gorgeous Salwar Kameez


  5. Ghagra-choli


If you want to wear a western outfit, it is perfectly acceptable too.  However, do not wear short skirts, low necklines, strappy tops, or anything revealing the bust. Dresses can be accessorized with bangles and bindis and bright purse.

Hope we did help you ease your worries ! Now go and shop till you drop.