“We Offered Victory To Dudhkumar To Keep ALive Tussle With BJP”


Suri: Birbhum is famously known as the den of Trinamool from past few years where every political move depends on Anubrata Mondal better known as Kesto. Dudhkumar Mondal of Birbhum BJP is now the only hope amid such extinctive situation of saffron camp. The incident is questioning the capasity of Anubrata Mondal in a strech. It became a matter of calculation after Thursday’s reverse result in Birbhum.

Anubrata didn’t show much importance to the result. Talking to the media on Thursday at Birbhum district party office, “I said that we’ll win so we prove that.” He added, ” I gave walkover to Dudhkumar Mondal as consolation. So he can’t blame the party. Parallely he said, he is always a supporter of development. Where they lost the game, they took the failure as their fault.

But TMC camp is confident to rectify their fault in coming Loksabha. Political concerns are sure that TMC will start preparation for Loksabha in coming few days. TMC is now fixing their strategy for the final war.