‘We Don’t Harm Teachers’, ISIS Said to Indian Captives

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New Delhi: The two Indians who were abducted by dreaded terror outfit ISIS and later released last week in Libya were perhaps saved by their profession. The captives, both professors were released after their captors learnt that they are teachers.

The incident was narrated by the hostages after their release to media.

“It is our profession that has kept us out of harm’s way after we were abducted by ISIS. They (ISIS) told us that they respect teachers and as we teach the Libyans they will release us.” Vijay Kumar, 56, a faculty with Sirte University told an English daily.

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Kumar and his colleague Laxmikant Ramakrishna, who hail from Kolar and Raichur respectively, were abducted along with two other Indians by ISIS militants on Wednesday at a checkpoint 50 km from Sirte.

“We were heading towards the airport in two cabs when we got a call from the driver of the other cab that their car was stopped mid-way. When we reached there we saw some gunmen surrounding the cab. We were then taken to an isolated area where our luggage was inspected,” said Laxmikant Ramakrishna.

The four men were locked up in a dark room. All they could hear was the distant sound of vehicles.

“In the room we were interrogated by a man who called himself 'Sheikh'. He enquired about our religion. He then spoke to someone over phone. Later, he told us that they would be releasing us without inflicting any harm,” Kumar was quoted as saying.

The two Indians will leave Sirte for Tunis on Sunday from where they will head to India on August 03, 2015.

However, their other two colleagues – Balram Kishan and T Gopikrishna remain under the ISIS captivity even as the Indian government is continuing efforts for their release.