We Are In Midst Of An Explosion Of Digital Technologies: Kovind


Kolkata: Emphasising on the importance of innovation and discovery, President Ram Nath Kovind said on Wednesday that this new-era of cutting-edge technologies should be embraced by the people.

While addressing the closing ceremony of centenary celebrations of The Bose Institute in Kolkata, President Kovind said, “Our greatest tribute to Acharya J.C. Bose would be to embrace this new era of innovation and discovery – just as he embraced and led the process of innovation and discovery a century ago.”

Speaking on the occasion, the President also said that the Bose Institute occupies a unique and exalted position in the landscape of Indian science as it was one of the earliest scientific institutes to be established in the country. He appreciated the institute’s contribution not only in biological and physical sciences research, but also in its active social outreach programme in rural Bengal through bio-technology initiative.

Highlighting J. C Bose’s contributions to science like demonstration of wireless transmission of microwaves and fabrication of the first semiconductor device in the world, the President said, “He was also probably the first scientist to study animal-like responses of plants, using instruments crafted by himself. This gave rise to interdisciplinary research in the area now known as Biophysics. His work continues to influence our world even today. Indeed, I understand Acharya J.C. Bose was the first person in India to write a science fiction story. He was just so multi-talented.”

He also appreciated the institute’s ventures to propagate science among the public.

“The building of an expanded Museum on the History of Indian Science – which covers our scientific endeavours from ancient times to the 21st century – is also a welcome venture. I am confident it will inspire young people, particularly school children, to explore the wonder and fascination of science,” the President said.

Admiring the civil engineering feat that is the Howrah Bridge, the President said that Bengal was one of India’s earliest industrial and manufacturing economies with people like Acharya P.C Ray, Rajendra Nath Mookerjee and Biren Mookerjee.

“Clearly when Bengali scientists and technologists turn entrepreneurs, they can be very, very successful. We need to bring back the magic of that synthesis,” he added.

In conclusion, The President expressed the need to spread the culture of science and innovation down to the grassroots of our society.