We Are Great Hindus: Anubrata Mondal


Burdwan: The Trinamool district president of Birbhum Anubrata Mondal, the most controversial TMC leader. On Monday also he was not spared from this.

On this day, he attended a ceremony in Ausgram of East Burdwa where he stated that, “We are ‘Great Hindus’.” Soon his statement created controversy.

But the question is – Why did he say that?

In his words, “Neither we can forget our God. Nor we can forget Allah. We will not learn Hindutva from others. Nobody can give us knowledge about Hinduism. Because we are ‘Great Hindus’.”In 1710, the ruler of Burdwan King Kirtichand built ‘Jalatungi’ in Digannagar Chandni area of Ausgram. It is basically a monument in the middle of a lake. But due to lack of maintenance, the whole area was surrounded by forest and bushes. The monument was also broken. Recently, the whole issue was noticed by Ausgram BDO Chittajit Basu. After this, the district administration initiated the renovation of Jalatungi. The entire area was also decorated in 100 days project.On the occasion of the inauguration ceremony of the Jalatungi, the chairman of the (WBSRDA) Anubrata Mondal visited there,other ministers who attended the event were- Minister Chandranath Sinha, President of District Council Shampa Dhara, Burdwan Sadar North Sub-divisional Council Puspendu Sarkar, and BDO Chittajit Basu.Anubrata Mandal gave a strong message to the BJP about Hindutva. He said, “People of West Bengal are aware of everything. We are aware of religion and are also aware of development. “To bring back the tourists in Ausgram, TMC leader Anabrata Mondal has ordered the legislator to start the renovation of the temple of Jagannath Dev of Digannagar.He has also assured for all kind of help.