WB Was Intended To Be A State Of Hindus: Roopa Ganguly

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New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party celebrity member Roopa Ganguly’s statement falling her into a the george of controversy. She said, “West Bengal formed for the Hindus.”

In an interview Rupa Ganguly said, “Religion was the key point behind partition. Bangladesh was East-Pakistan. It was build for the Musilms.” It was not the end but she also said, “West Bengal was for the Hindus.”

Such comment has sparked controversy as it is strenghthening the saffron brigade. Prime Minister Narendra Modi commented few days ago that “People are infiltrating from Bengal. If they can not prove their identity as citizen has to leave country.” Such incident sparks several layers of controversy.

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Opposition are taking as the political agenda before Lok Sabha 2019. Such provoking statement might divide the vote bank.