Bengal Teenager With Cerebral Palsy Wants To Become Next Stephen Hawking


Kolkata: At a time when stress among students has become a rising matter of concern, an example of indomitable spirit has risen from Medinipur, West Bengal. Tuhin Dey, a 17 year old bound to wheelchair because of cerebral palsy, has dreams of making it to IIT Kharagpur. Even before his 10th board results are out, he is confident of getting a perfect 10 CGPA. After 12th, Tuhin wishes to pursue B.Tech.

Tuhin was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and arthrogryposis multiplex congenital, a disorder which affects limbs and limits flexibility, at birth. He has already undergone 20 surgeries, which instead of deterring him has only cemented his resolve to move forward in life.

Tuhin, unaffected by his limitations, taught himself to hold a pen between his jaws and learned how to write. Now, he writes as efficiently as any other student in his class. When working on a computer, he uses his lips to operate the keyboard.

Talking about his future plans, a proud Tuhin told, “I have been operating a computer for last seven years and I am now going to master programming in C, C++, Java, and HTML languages.”

Tuhin’s story is more exceptional for the fact that till now he has never availed any additional facility which is provided to differently-abled students during an exam. Like his classmates, Tuhin chooses to write his answers on his own.

Till class 9 Tuhin studied at the Central School in the IIT Kharagpur campus after which his family moved to Medinipur. Tuhin is an astronomy buff and dreams of becoming the ‘next Stephen Hawking’.

Tuhin is attending a private coaching institute in Medinipur to help him crack IIT entrance examination. After completing B.Tech. degree in Computer Science from IIT Kharagpur, he plans to study at Oxford University for research.

Tuhin was awarded the Best Creative Child Award (2012) and Exceptional Achievement Award (2013) by Government of India. The awards were conferred by President Pranab Mukherjee. He has also received several accolades from the government of West Bengal and is also a scholar of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).
On their part Tuhin’s parents have left no stone unturned for his treatment. His father, Sameran Dey told PTI, “He has undergone at least 20 surgerie